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Seasonal Subscription box
Seasonal Subscription box

Seasonal Subscription box

Enjoy the Finer Things this Fall with our Seasonal Fall Hostess Subscription Box. It is filled with all the hosting essentials to delight your guests.

Fall Subscription Box

An Unforgettable Evening with Wine & Cheese 

Inspired by Cozy Conversations Fireside 


Make Your Entertaining Effortless this Fall 

Decadent Fall Treats infused with Red Wine & Rosemary

Enjoy the Flavors of Fall with our handpicked award winning Red Wine & Rosemary Cracker Set. This set incoporates the flavors of fall with red wine, rosemary crackers, cheese smear and preserves. 

Sommelier Fall Wine Pairings

Browse our list of wine pairings handpicked by our in house Sommelier. This list is up to date and is guranteed to pair perfectly with your Red Wine & Rosemary Cracker Set. 

Slate Cheeseboard 

Display your treats on a slate cheeseboard. We have included two boards so you can choose to display your treats in different home entertaining areas. 

Forest Mist Immersion Experience

Fully immerse your senses this fall with Forest Mist. This special hand-crafted mist is composed of an essential oil blend of Pink Pepper, Cypress, Ho Wood and Juniper Berry. Make your entertaining easy and delight your guests  with a grounding wellbeing experience

Fall Playlist 

Make your entertaining easy with a playlist designed to make your most enjoyable moments with your guests unforgettable. 

Crystal Wine Stopper

Savor the Flavors of your beverage for at least 2 days witha crystal wine stopper.

Deliver Hospitality at it's Finest