What To Do On A Staycation: Ideas to Make Your Staycation Unforgettable



Follow these quick and easy tips to make your stay unforgettable.

  1. Disconnect from the outside world

Begin your staycation by disconnecting from the outside world. The benefits of disconnecting will reduce stress and shift the focus of complete relaxation on you and others on your staycation.  Start by turning off the ringer on your cell phone. However, I do recommend that you check text messages and voice mails at least once a day to ensure that you are not missing out on any emergencies.


Relaxation Retreat Amenities with truffle nuts, robe, slippers, sleep mist

  1. Live Like a VIP and Enjoy Our Relaxation Retreat Box

Make your home feel like the perfect getaway with our Relaxation Retreat Box. This 8-piece set is filled with luxury bathroom treatments and towels that will leave lasting impressions for you and others on your staycation. Each item has been carefully curated to help everyone rejuvenate and create a luxurious spa experience in your guest bathroom.

  1. Use A Meal Delivery Service for The Weekend.

Meal Delivery Services save time and effort in the kitchen. Select your favorite cuisine(s) for every meal and order from your favorite restaurants in the area. Treating yourself and others on your stay cation is always a win for everyone.

  1. Take Photos

No vacation is complete without photos. Document your time at home with photos of yourself and others enjoying all your fun moments.




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