The Perfect Guest Bathroom Getaway

Transform your guest bathroom into a restful and relaxing oasis that your guest will remember for years with a few easy steps.  

 Begin the transformation with the end in mind, as it might take time to implement all the steps in one day.

Cece Rainey

Elevate with plush towels

Spoil your guests at every turn with face, body, and hand towels.

It is important to take your time and choose your towels carefully. Plush towels made of premium cotton will give your guests a warm and fuzzy feeling as they slip into a state of relaxation. 

 Begin your towel selection with color in mind. I highly recommend the color white. 

This color evokes a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. It is also the color that is most used in luxury spas across the world. 

Next, consider the type of cotton used to make the towel.  

 If possible purchase towels made of Egyptian cotton or Turkish cotton, for a more elevated bathroom experience. Towels made of Turkish cotton are highly absorbent, they last long, and become softer over time. Egyptian cotton towels are constructed to be made of the best cotton in the world. Their towels are also used as baby blankets during special circumstances.  Overall, it should be easy to find premium white towels made of Egyptian or Turkish cotton .  

 This is a quick win and can be easily crossed off your transformation list in a matter of minutes. 

It will also bring you one step closer to creating the perfect bathroom oasis.

PIck a Color 

The first step is to choose a color for your new oasis. Your color selection is very important and it is closely linked to how relaxed your guest  will feel inside of your spa like oasis. 

 Avoid strong colors such as red and yellow. Choose colors most strongly linked with calm such as green and white. If you cannot choose, then make an appointment at your favorite spa and take photos of the color scheme inside the reception area and treatment rooms. Next pick your favorite room and make your final selection. Alternatively, you can search the internet for photos of luxury spas in your region. 

However, the colors on the internet may vary with color so keep this in mind when you pick your final colors.

Add Modern Amenities

Warm towels are key in spa rituals. Therefore, they are essential in creating a guest bathroom sanctuary. Towel warmers are available in many styles and sizes. I personally like towel-warming racks. 

Towel  warming racks are useful as  a space saver. It also  allows the towels to dry quickly. It also can be used to warm bathrobes.

 Wow your guest when they enter the bathroom with a warm welcome and a warm guest bathroom.

 It will certainly be an experience to remember.

Incorporate technology 

Rain shower head designers are very trendy and they can be found in modern spas and hotels across the world. Join the trend if you haven't already with a modern rain shower head. Like towel warmers, rain shower heads come in an array of shapes and sizes. 

Some have additional added benefits with bluetooth music capabilities, water temperature sensors, and water flow. Choosing a rain shower head can be overwhelming because there are so many choices on the market. Just begin with the end of the mind when you make your final selection. 

Don't forget to create the perfect guest bathroom sanctuary with the features that are most important to you.    A restful and relaxing experience for your guest is achievable with a few easy steps. Don't delay your guest  bathroom getaway.    

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