Guest Prep Tips


Hi, I’m Cece and I have been entertaining in my home for several years. 

During this time, I have experienced the highs of hosting which include smiling faces, creating fun dance moves, and sharing old memories with friends. 

I have also experienced a few hosting disasters to be honest and they have been very stressful.

However, through it all, I continue to entertain because I love it.  

 Over the years, I have compiled my experiences into easy-to-use checklists and resources that can be used for a host or hostesses. This guest list will help deliver exceptional five star experiences for many years to come.  

Continue to read for inspiration and I sincerely hope that these tips will help reduce your stress. 

Cece Rainey

1. personalize your guest experience

 A warm welcome for your guests will always leave lasting impressions. 

Before your guest(s) arrive, make a list of the things they enjoy. To start, write down their favorite snacks, drinks, magazines, and a list of their favorite activities. 

After you have compiled your list, add at least 2-3 items from your list and incorporate this into their visit.  I have incorporated this activity for my friends and family and I always receive a sincere amount of appreciation.  

Personalization is key for any elevated experience and I’m certain your guest will feel like a V.I.P.

2. Clean guest areas 

  A clean and decluttered space for guest entertaining is essential for a comfortable guest experience in your home. 

I usually start cleaning guest areas first just in case I run out of time cleaning my entire home. 

 Bathrooms, the kitchen, the foyer, and living room are all  key areas. As you clean, make sure you clean hard to reach area such as vents, fans, and baseboards. 

Also, ensure that all seating areas as well as  walkways are devoid of clutter for your guest to move around freely.

Timing is Everything !

3. confirm guest arrival time 

Guest arrival times are usually subject to change based on flight schedules, traffic, and unforeseen circumstances. 

It is always a good idea to reconfirm arrival time on the same day. 

This can easily be accomplished, by asking your guests to call you during departure and to further   notify you of any changes to their schedule.

4. Ask about allergies

Dust, dander, and food allergens can create a most unpleasant experience. 

Make sure you confirm allergens as soon as possible before arrival to avoid last minute changes to your menu etc. 

Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way when my friend informed me she was allergic to eggs after I cooked our meal. 

Roses are always refreshing!

Use Seasonal flowers 

 A large professionally arranged flower arrangement in the entry way is always a wonderful way to create enthusiasm upon guest arrival. 

I have noticed that guests are always enthusiastic about fresh flowers, therefore I always have them in my home.  

I usually place them in the entryway, guest bedrooms, kitchen table, and in the bathroom if I have any left over.  

Flowers always make good departure gifts for long lasting impressions as well. Overall, flowers are beneficial for everyone. They are proven to improve mood, improve sleep quality, and reduce anxiety.

a five star experience

A five star guest experience can be easy to achieve with careful planning and execution. 

 Guest prep is an essential step for delivering hospitality at it’s finest in your home. 

 Hopefully,  these tips will be useful for you when you entertain in your home.  

 If you would like to continue to elevate your entertaining, then 

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