4 Tips to Host an Elegant Fall Party

How to Host an Elegant Fall Party

By Cece Rainey

Welcome to the season of fall leaves, cinnamon spice lattes, and pumpkin pies.  

 Fall is a very popular season for entertaining and gathering with friends and family. 
I love  fall  and appreciate all the beauty that the season brings. 

Below, I have  included  a few tips for an elegant and enjoyable fall entertaining experience in your home. 

Serve a drink with garnish

Fall is synonymous with pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider. 

Incorporating them in your hosting routine for your next autumn party can be simple with a trip to your local grocery store. Currently, there are many mixes available and/or premade drinks ready for purchase with popular fall flavors.  

 I usually begin with a selection of a  premium brand  for an elevated hosting experience.  Next, I will search for a garnish to create a WOW factor.  

 I usually use a flamed cinnamon stick presoaked in rum to add to apple cider when served cold. The flame is an instant attention grabber and it also creates a smoky flavor. 

If I don’t have as much time, then I will just sprinkle cinnamon or add cloves to accent a fall drink. 

Hosting Made Easy with Warm Apple Cider, Cinnamon sticks, and Orange Slices

Entertain fireside 

As the temperature begins to drop in the fall, consider hosting your guests near an outdoor firepit or indoor fireplace. 

Bringing people together in  an intimate setting is an enjoyable way to reconnect and share memories of the past. 

For more action, add games to your fireside chat and music for a memorable evening.  Don’t forget to serve smores, add comfortable seating, and a wool blanket for a cozy guest experience. i

entertain with fall scents

Entertain with Fall Scents Bring the essence of fall into your home with fall scents.

 It is a perfect way to create ambiance and elevate the guest experience.  Popular fall scents include the following: Cinnamon, Sandalwood, or any outdoor scent. 

Choose your favorite fall scent and strategically place it near the front door for a welcome sensory experience. Make sure this scent lingers throughout all designated hosting areas in your home for a cohesive experience.  I recommend using the same scent. 

If you do mix scents, then make sure they work well together.  

Add Fall Decor 

I love decorating for each season. It’s an instant mood booster and it makes me excited for new experiences for the season.

 Adding fall décor to your home is also the easiest way to entertain in style.  

 There are so many options on the market to decorate your home for fall. If you are unsure of where to begin, then use a design service. 

Some large chain stores offer complimentary design services such as Pottery Barn.  

I usually will add fresh flowers in my foyer and seating areas for a basic refresh. Additionally, I always add a wreath at the front door and use fall accent pillows and blankets.  

 If I have time, I will also select new bathroom towels with fall accents, fall scented hand soap, fall welcome mats, and fall  mugs.

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